Dr Spiller Celltresor Intense Rebuilding Cream 100ml(extra50ml)


Dr Spiller Celltresor Intense Rebuilding Cream

Human skin is a true miracle of nature: Its smallest components – the cells – are its greatest assets. In the process of cell differentiation, they continuously pass on their DNA. But the biological clock never stops ticking. With increasing age, key structural and cellular elements are no longer sufficiently replenished.In addition, skin renewal processes are negatively impacted by environmental factors. To reinvigorate this rhythm of ceaseless renewal is the aim of the new CELLTRESOR product line.

The CELLTRESOR line is an interconnected process that plays out on every level to benefit mature skin.

CELLTRESOR Intense Rebuilding Cream supports the skin at the root cause of skin ageing: declining cell quality. It acts at the very origin of the process and actively prevent skin damage by fortifying the skin’s natural systems. This supports repair and regeneration processes

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